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  • The Opening - Device for Vicarious Perception

  • The Opening - installation view and detail of a Structure of Sensitive Objects

  • The Opening - 10 minute video and viewing cabinet with activated objects

  • The Opening - Structures of Sensitive Objects

  • The Opening - Foveal Studies (the circular symmetry of vision and observation in darkness)

The Opening: Structures of Uncertainty

MEME | arte contemporanea e prossima, Goffredo Mameli st. 78 - Cagliari (Italy), November 16 - December 7, 2012

Video (9 minutes) with narrative short story in wooden viewing cabinet connected to a number of objects - sticks, stones, and copper plates with turquoise crystal; drawings; a device for vicarious perception; a structure of sensitive objects

The Opening revolves arround the narrative of a man whose life and perceptions are altered when he wakes up one night to a strange opening in his wall. Through the opening, his memory, sensations and relationship to objects are altered, leading to a metamorphosis in his understanding of the world. The project explores relationships between forms, aspects of morphology and boundaries, and the process of forming or becoming as structurally similar to the development of knowledge.

Sarah Stein in Conversation with Curators Giangavino Pazzola and Enrico Piras (pdf document)

Based on the thesis text The Transformative Process of a Ritual of Knowing: A Structure Built Around Unknown Things (view pdf)

Exhibition review Le Strutture Incerte, Micaela Deiana for Inside Art